Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jobmajuu?
Our Identity

Jobmajuu is a recruitment service provided by  Alternative Pulse PLC. established with the aim of  connecting Kenyans looking for jobs with opportunities available in the diaspora in the most  affordable and transparent manner. The agency is registered with both the Ministry of  Labour and National Employment Agency.

What does Jobmajuu charge?

The agency does not charge a single shilling to any  of the prospective candidates and does not charge  any fees through its appointed agents.

Who is eligible for the jobs?
Our Age Group?

The ideal candidates must be between the ages of 21 – 45 years and must possess a valid Kenyan ID  and birth certificate.

What is the recruitment process?

• Verification of the possession of; – Valid Original Kenyan ID. – Original birth certificate. • Undergo basic medical test for. – STI’s. – Pregnancy. – Hepatitis. • Attend a mandatory training at an accredited training centre by the Ministry of Labour. • Application of Passports as long as one possess; – Valid original Kenyan ID and Birth certificate. – Copies of both parent’s national ID’s. – Recommender ID copy. – KRA Pin. • Signing of employment contract. • Application and processing of work permit and travel visa to the respective countries • Attestation by the ministry of labour before departure. • Booking of flights and airport transfers. *All the above is carried out by the agency free of charge.

What does the training entail?
Do we have Training?

Do we offer training, life skills, pre-departure  information, basic language classes and financial  investment advice.

Is it safe to go work abroad?
Safety to Travel Abroad?

Yes, the government has streamlined the whole  recruitment process and has launched the National  Employment Agency tasked with protecting workers abroad. The government has signed  bilateral agreements with some countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the  UAE aimed at securing labour conditions of migrant  workers.

How does Jobmajuu assist workers in distress abroad?
Our Action.

The agency is constantly in touch with our partner  agents in the respective countries to minimize  incidences of mistreatment however in the instance  it happens we can arrange for repatriation back to the country. Jobmajuu has a 24hours toll free hotline number for  those who might need urgent assistance while  abroad.

Repatriation back to Kenya:
What happens?

The National Employment Agency has set up a  bond to assist with repatriation of workers who find  themselves in abusive situations and all complaints  can be channeled either through the agency or  Jobmajuu.

what we do to help.

Jobmajuu will negotiate the most competitive  salaries and this will be communicated on signing of  the contract however the government has also set  the minimum pay.

Contract of employment how many years?
What is the duration?

The employment contract is for a minimum period  of 2 years after which one can chose to renew it at the  end of the contract period.

How do I send my money home?
How to save Money?

We will train all our candidates on sound financial  management and advise them on the cheapest and  safest way to send money back home.

In case I don’t like the work environment what happens?
what we do to help.

Should any of our candidates not be happy with the  employer we will first seek to find out the reason for  after which we will seek for alternative placement  with the last result being arranging for the  candidates to return home. .

What happens if am taken to a different country from the one I agreed on?
what we do to help.

All our candidates will sign contracts before they  leave the country stating clearly which country they  will be going to work and we will encourage them  to share their travel details with their next of kin.